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Identifying the Causes of Arthritis, Autism,
Obesity and Other Chronic Disease and
For a half century, When we look at the history of
chronic diseases/disorders, it becomes clear that
inadequate diets have been the basic cause for
virtually all of the chronic disorders.  More than a
thousand chronic diseases have been identified and
history has shown the solution to predict, prevent,
treat, or cure any specific disease or disorder has
been with a dietary change.  

Some examples as evidence of this truth are as follows:

1.        Scurvy - Vitamin C
2.        Beri-beri – Thiamine, B -1
3.        Ariboflavinosis – Riboflavin, B -2
4.        Pallegra – Niacin, B - 3
5.        Rickets – Vitamin D
6.        Neural Tube Defect – Folic Acid, B -12

This is but a small sample.  There are at least 14
Vitamins, 16-20 Minerals, 25 Amino Acids, 30 Fatty
Acids, plus a number of other chemicals/nutrients such
as cholesterol  that are needed for good health.  When
any of these nutrients are low, missing, or excessive in
the diet, one should expect to observe the presence of
some chronic disorder over time, depending upon the
level of nutrients present.
Who did it?  Why did they do it?  
When did they do it?  How did they do it?  
What did they do?
Nutrition is the basis for all life and achieving a
complete and balanced diet is but the first step in
preventing or curing chronic diseases.
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